CREATRONIC – electronics manufacturer – find out more about us.

We are a reliable company from the [fusion_tooltip title=”EMS (ang. Electronics manufacturing services) industry that specialises in the assembly of LED lighting modules. We contribute to the satisfaction of our customers every day. We put ideas and concepts into practice and develop dedicated technological solutions.

We offer the assembly of prototype series and the series manufacturing of electronic equipment. We boast short delivery times. We provide professional printed circuit boards based on components from well-proven global manufacturers. We run individual warehouses of our customers’ parts and provide buffers of components and semi-finished products. We carry out conformity testing in relation to EU directives and European standards. We perform accredited ageing, environmental, and IP protection testing of finished products. Our offer is addressed to large and small enterprises that are looking for comprehensive services in the field of designing and manufacturing high-quality electronic circuits.

Scope of our services

Manufacturing electronics
Manufacturing PCBs
Manufacturing PCBs
Testing electronics