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OEM manufacturing.

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What can we manufacture for you?

Our company branch located in southern Poland has state-of-the-art Samsung automatic assembly machines for manufacturing large-size lighting panels. Being a recognisable supplier of OEM-type products, we provide products for contractors from various segments of the European market.

We have machinery that allows electronics to be completely filled with organic silicones that form transparent protective layers on LEDs and allows enclosures to be filled with durable epoxy resins. All components that we manufacture are carefully checked and tested. As a result, we introduce products that are reliable and safe to use to the market.

We are among the few who test lighting products by connecting every manufactured system to a source of light. We have our own photometric laboratory where we check basic lighting parameters for each manufactured batch. We pack and label finished products according to the customer’s specification.

In addition, we offer CNC machining of aluminum components, heat sinks, plastic enclosures etc.

Manufacturing electronics

We have a modern machine park!

We are pleased to provide you with a fully ready-for-sale product. We offer quick delivery times, framework agreements and automatically renewable buffers for the selected assortment.