Creatronic: We manufacture PCBs

We manufacture custom printed circuit boards..

Produkcja PCB

Do you need PCBs?

We specialise in manufacturing printed circuit boards on special customers’ orders. We ensure the compliance of our products with standards and EU directives so we comply with the highest quality standards.

We offer cutting-edge assembly methods. We ensure the guaranteed quality of each components manufactured by us.
We are a business partner that you can rely on. We have several years of experience in the PCB sector. We also have qualified employees.

We protect intellectual property. Any activities are performed under a confidentiality agreement. We adapt programmes to the needs of the customer. We dedicate time to listen to unique business needs of our customers, then we analyse them thoroughly, and adapt appropriate solutions.

Safe products!

All components manufactured in our plant comply with the RoHS directive. We ensure safe use and guarantee that no harmful substances such as lead or mercury are used.

The scope of our offer includes:

  • single-sided printed circuit boards,

  • double-sided printed circuit boards.

Production capacity in relation to PCBs:

Item Manufacturing Capability
Surface Treatment OSP Immersion Gold Immersion Silver Immersion Tin Lead Free HAL Plating Silver
PCB Layer Type Single side,Double side
Max. Working Panel Size 1500mm*600mm
Min. Working Panel Size 4mm*4mm
AL Substrate Thickness 0.4mm-0.5mm
Min. Conductor width 0.15mm
Min. Conductor spacing 0.15mm
Min. Drilling hole size 0.2mm
Plate Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm
Finished Panel Tolerance ±0.1mm
V-CUT Alignment ±0.1mm
Hole Dia Tolerance ±0.05mm
Hole Position Tolerance ±0.076mm
Finished Copper Thickness 35um-105um(1oz-6oz)
Etching Under Cut >/=2.0
PTH&Panel Plating Uniformity >90%
Eing/Flash Gold Thickness 1-5u’’
Solder Mask Thickness 15um-35um
Min. Solder Mask Bridge 0.076mm(3mil)
Silk Screen White/Black(depend on your requirements)
Thermal Conductivity 1.0~20W/MK
Withstand Voltage AC 2000V,DC 1500~4000