Creatronic: Manufacturing LED strips

We provide services for several dozen companies from around Europe.

OEM Taśma Pasek LED w żelu

LED strip manufacturing – OEM

Our LED strips are versatile because of their low energy consumption, formability and modern design. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED strips are used as decorative lighting in commercial and private spaces. They are becoming increasingly used as utility lights for lighting stairs, kitchen tabletops and for providing additional lighting for mirrors etc. For private spaces, we recommend using standards strips. For commercial spaces, however, we recommend using professional strips adapted to operate in extreme conditions.

LED strips differ in::

  • length,
  • width,
  • power,
  • types of LEDs,
  • lumens,
  • colour rendering index,
  • colour temperature.

LED strip manufacturing – OEM

LED strips under your brand!

Black LED strip

LED strip

Our strips have a high CRI, thanks to which the colours of illuminated objects are very well rendered. We offer two colours of the LED strip body – white and black, which is made on special order. You can order an LED strip with an adhesive backing. For adhesive backings we use double-sided 3M adhesive tape, which we order from official distributors. We sell 5- or 50-metre LED strips on rolls. If you are interested in different strip length, please contact us.

In addition to LED strips, we offer the following additional products:

  • motion detectors,
  • LED dimmers,
  • LED RGB controllers,
  • touch switches,
  • contactless switches.