Creatronic: LED modules – OEM

Moduł oświetleniowy LED

LED modules – OEM

We are a manufacturer of LED modules for a wide range of applications. Our products may be used as decorative or utility lighting. They can be used in both commercial and private spaces. They are primarily used to illuminate parts of the interior. Owing to their small size, they can be used on small surfaces. That is why they are often chosen to illuminate cabinets, drawers, shelves etc.

They boast a wide range of colour temperatures. They emit the following colours:

  • very warm white,
  • warm white,
  • neutral white,
  • cool white,
  • red,
  • green,
  • blue,
  • RGB.

LED modules – OEM

LED modules under your brand!


They are resistant to temperature changes and, as a result, they can work in extreme conditions. Their characteristic features include easy assembly and high durability (up to 30,000 hours).

The modules come in different sizes and shapes. We manufacture square-, rectangle-, and circle-shaped modules with dimensions from several millimetres to several centimetres.