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We have been producing modern and energy-efficient LED strips since 2015. Thanks to their properties, they prove excellent as lighting for furniture, advertising banners, shop windows or mirrors. Small dimensions (from 5 mm wide) and high flexibility ensure that these LED strips can be used for almost any space.

LED strip - Polish production of LED strip
Creatronic LED strip production
Production of LED strips

Premium LED strips – LED strips customized to individual customer needs

Premium LED strips offered by Creatronic are available in different versions (table 1 – characteristics of Premium LED strips) and, according to individual customer requirements, can be adapted to work with one of the selected voltages: 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V DC.

To make them, SMD 2835 LEDs of the renowned SAMSUNG brand with designation LM281B+ are used, which are characterised by colour rendering index CRI >80 or >90. LED strips with CRI both >80 and >90 are available in colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K.

The 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which comes from the official national distribution, is responsible for the easy and durable installation of the LED strips to the substrate. Premium LED strips are available in 3 IP rating versions – IP20, IP45, IP68.

Parameter Characteristics
LED strip width 5 mm lub 8 mm
LED strip height IP20 1.3 mm, IP45 2.3 mm, IP68 2.5 mm
LED strip length on roll 5 m, 25 m, 50 m
Supply voltage 5V DC or 12V DC or 24V DC
IP rating IP20 or IP45 or IP68
Flexible PCB colour White or black
CRI >80 lub >90
LEDs used SMD 2835 SAMSUNG LM281B+
Custom logo Yes, MOQ determined individually
Number of LEDs per metre of LED strip 30 pcs, 50 pcs, 60 pcs, 120 pcs
Power consumption per metre of LED strip 2,8 – 20,5 W/m
Luminous flux per metre of LED strip 300 – 2400 lm/m

Table 1. Characteristics of Creatronic Premium LED strips.

Safe LED strips – what should you know?

All products offered by Creatronic are in accordance with European standards and have all required certificates and declarations. We cooperate
with an accredited research and development centre which ensures the safety of our products and compliance with current regulations.
Our LED strips have been registered in the EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) database – this obligation has been imposed by the legislator on all companies (both manufacturers and importers) that place light sources on the European market.

Badania RoHS - taśma LED
Taśma LED IP45

IP rating of LED strips

The IP rating is a parameter that provides information on the level of protection of the product against external factors such as liquid or dust.

The IP20-rated LED strip is not protected by any additional external coating and has no water resistance.
IP45 is achieved by applying a mould compound to the top layer of the LED strip (this process is commonly referred to as gelation).
In contrast to the popular methods on the market using polyurethane, to make IP45 LED strips, Creatronic uses organic compounds that, when exposed to sunlight, do not discolour as is the case with the method using polyurethane.
IP68 is achieved by putting the LED strip in a special silicone heat-shrink material. This rating guarantees resistance to liquids and dust.

3-year warranty

Over 7 years on the market, automated technology park, as well as a group of engineers and specialists involved in the design and production of LED strips ensure that our products are produced with guaranteed quality, which is confirmed by a 36-month warranty.

Nadruk znaku graficznego na taśmie LED

LED strips with your brand or company logo

It is possible to produce our LED strip with any graphic symbol. The sign must be produced in monochrome. For more information, contact the Creatronic sales department.

LED strip – design, layers

1. Electronics layer – LEDs, resistors.
2. Graphic layer.
3. Protective layer – PVC film (86% reflective).
4. Conductive layer – flexible copper layer 35 µm.
5. Insulation layer.
6. Power supply layer – flexible copper layer 35 µm.
7. Protective layer – PVC film.
8. Adhesive layer – double-sided adhesive tape.
9. Protective liner.

Budowa taśmy LED - Creatronic
Taśma LED

Premium Mono LED strip

Creatronic Premium Mono LED strips are available in many versions. Depending on the needs, the customer can choose between:

  • two LED strip widths – 5 mm and 8 mm,
  • two colour rendering indexes – CRI >80, CRI >90,
  • three colours of light – warm white, neutral white and cold white,
  • three protection degrees – IP20, IP45, IP68,
  • four module lengths – 20 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm,
  • four supply voltages – 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V.

Cooperation – Come and join us

Order samples of Creatronic LED strips and check their guaranteed quality! All companies interested in cooperation are welcome to contact our sales office bh@creatronic.eu, tel. +48 533 755 399.

By prior arrangement, it is also possible to visit our manufacturing plant in Głuchołazy at ul.Grunwaldzka 2A.

Order an interview with our consultant.